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Master Thesis

Weber, Melchior: Observing Seasonal Flooding in the Kafue-Flats (Zambia) with Tandem-X Data

Chesnokova, Olga: Analysis on the Relation between Statistical Similarity Measures and Agricultural Parameters: A Case Study

Bachelor Thesis

Hagspiel, Nick: Tracking the Evolution of Agricultural Crops with SAR Interferometry and SAR Polarimetry
Kuhn, Alexandra: Satellite Observation of Velocity Variations of Grosser Aletschgletscher
Lück, Ilona: Polarimetric Diversity in Ku-Band Differential Interferometric Observations of an Alpine Glacier
von Ah, Florian: Identifikation von surgenden Gletschern auf der tibetischen Hochebene

Rigo, Elvira: Explainig the Changes in the Polarimetric Descriptors Based on the Changes in the Rice Crop Morphology

Stoppa, Francesco: Topography-based simulation of SAR backscatter image
Xingyu, Liu: Analyse interferometrischer SAR-Daten über dem Lena-Delta (Sibirien)
Kirchhoff, Frederic: Applicaton of SAR polarimerty to the monitoring of agricultural crop structure

Rulli, Romina: Detection of Small Icebergs with Quad-Polarimetric SAR
Sperger, Katharina: Detecting the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Using Synthetic Aperture Radar

Pohl, Thomas: Analyse von Radaraufnahmen in L- und P-Band vom Tropischen Regenwald
Roth, Simon: Observation of Sea Ice with Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar.

Master Project

Bösch, Lena; Hollenweger, Daniel: How to Generate a Digital Elevation Model from Raw Radar Data
Meuriot, Laetitia: Sea Ice Observation with SAR Polarimetry

Chesnokova, Olga: Information Theory Based Landcover Change Detection Using PolInSAR Data – A Comparative Study

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