Ground-based remote sensing with KAPRI

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Ground-based radar investigations with KAPRI
Deformation measurements using KAPRI

We are equipped with KAPRI, a polarimetric extensions of Gamma Remote Sensing GPRI, a ground based real aperture radar interferometer.

It is a Ku band real aperture FMCW radar, which offers a range resolution of 0.75 m and an azimuth resolution of 0.4 degrees. With the addition of vertically and horizontally polarized antennas, this model allows to acquire a fully polarimetric, interferometric data set in a single pass. This is of interest for terrain mapping (generation of DEMs), deformation measurement and agricultural applications.
Because of its portability and fast acquisition rates, it makes very easy and interesting for us to experiment with different acquisition configuration, time scales and locations.

In summer 2015, the Radar was installed at the Domhütte, in the canton of Wallis, to observe the Bisgletscher, a fast moving Glacier that represents a geohazard.

Images of the glacier were acquired every 2 minutes between July and September. The measurement data was used for near real time monitoring of the potentially dangerous glacier; the large dataset also represents a very good opportunity to develop and test novel processing techniques for time series of interferometric and polarimetric data.

Contact: Simone Baffelli Othmar Frey Irena Hajnsek  


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